Thursday, 4 April 2019

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How to Install Drivers on PM Haier Laptop or Any other?

When you install Windows, you often face the need of installing drivers from the scratch. The main hurdle you come across in doing so is that your laptop cannot run the internet after fresh window installation thus you can not search drivers from it. You have to download drivers from a different laptop and then copy it to the one on which you want to install.

Installing drivers when internet is not working on your laptop?


Answer to the above problem is quite simple. Just take any of your sibling or friend's laptop and go to this link. Here you can see 3 options to download DriverPack.

  • First one you should download if your laptop on which you want to install drivers already has the internet working on it.

  • Second option you should choose if your laptop can not run the Internet and you need to install the WiFi first. This file contains all the WiFi drivers required and then after installing it will search for other drivers automatically.

  • Third option contains all the driver no matter required by your laptop or not. It is quite big in size so i wont recommend to use this way.

Just click any of the above option that suits you, download it and run it your computer. For the rest, you know the drill :)


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