Monday, 8 May 2017

Why there are 2 Ctrl, Shift and Alt Keys on every Keyboard?

Ever wondered why there are 2 Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys on your keyboard? Well because those keys are rarely used alone. Most of the time they are used in combination with other keys. Mainly as shortcut keys such as Alt + F4 for closing the window, Ctrl + C for copying, Ctrl + T to open a new tab and so on.

So Why 2 Ctrl, Alt and Shift Keys?

Try holding the left Ctrl key and then press P button with the same hand i.e Print Command. You will find it difficult or even impossible to do that unless you have abnormally large hands. If you have normal hands, you will HAVE to use your both hands.

Now times comes when your other hand is not free. Like when you are drinking a coffee or holding a cell phone in one hand. So in that case, the other Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys that exist on the right side of your keyboard help you out.

For Example
If your left hand is busy and you have to give a Print command. You can hold the right Ctrl key and press P button. Instead of waiting for your left hand to get free and use both hands to press Ctrl + P.

I hope you now know the purpose of  2 CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys in every keyboard. Don't forget to ask your friends about it and share this post with them :)


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