Tuesday, 2 May 2017


My Emotional Fiverr Story

In April 2017, I got my 100th review and thought about sharing my crazy story. So here you go, have a nice read and don't forget to share it with your friends. Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything to say or need any help regarding Fiverr.

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So I was excited like other people when I first joined Fiverr. After reading success stories and good reviews about the site, I thought I will be getting work from the day I will sign up. But it was not like that at all.

I created couple of gigs about proofreading, article writing and web design. Waited couple of days, but heard nothing from anyone. I created more gigs but still nothing. So I just kept waiting and the days, weeks and months passed by. With the course of time, 2 years passed away. By then, I had stopped caring about freelancing. I had concluded that Fiverr is not for me.

Finally, A Breakthrough

One day I heard from someone that there is a bidding system in Fiverr just like other platforms. They call it a Buyers Requests section. I did not know about this before.

I just logged in to my account and started bidding on the buyers requests. I asked for low price in every bid. Eventually I got a message from one person. He wanted me to make his website responsive.

I was so excited that I was willing to work for free even. He sent me all the required files and I started working. Within 24 hours, I submitted him the work. He was very happy and placed the order right away. It was about $30 work that I done for him. But who cares about the money? It was my first project and my first review. Which was of course 5 stars rating review. I was so happy on that day :)

From that day onward, there was no seeing back and nor it will ever be. I never got any review of less than 5 stars yet. I just thank Allah for all the blessings and I try to pay him back by helping other new freelancers.

Why I was not Getting any Order?

In first 2 years, my attitude was passive. I just made couple of gigs and kept hoping that someone will come and buy them. I was just relying on the luck too much. But as soon as I became active and started approaching buyers myself, things got better for me. I always bidded low on requests to stand out of the crowd.  That's how you should proceed too and I am sure you will get your first order very soon.

Thanks a lot for reading, Feel free to share your opinion in a comment below :)


  1. You are the inspiration for new freelancer who have tried just for 2 month and give up.. So nice. You are also a hard worker so that you never have to see back and yeah also Allah's special blessing on you.. :)


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