Wednesday, 3 May 2017


How much does Google know about your Blog/Website?

So quite often we wonder if Google even knows about our blog or not. Well you no longer have to wonder any more. I have a way to know how much Google knows about your site. Simply go to Google and search this thing "site:yoursitename" without quotation marks. Don't forget to replace yoursitename with your site link. For example, if I want to know about my blog, I will search this site: on google.

Google will show you all the links of your blog that are indexed already as shown in the below screenshot.

Furthermore, if there is any link of your site that you would like Google to index. Simply go here and submit it to Google. They will index it for you.

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  1. When we create website we always index first the website, then we start creating backlinks on it. After indexing Google set a database record of a particular website, so that Google also take backup of the website after a time interval. We also called it Cache.

    1. Yeah very true :)

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