Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How Freelancer.com Robbed me? Please You Stay Away....

Is freelancer.com a scam??? Well I would not say it is totally a scam, but I guarantee that they will never let go any opportunity to snatch away your money. Their rules, policies, support team, in fact their whole system is to suck the blood out of freelancers. There are many freelancers out there who had been stabbed by freelancer.com and I am also one of them now.  Let me share some links below that would be enough to raise your eyebrows:

Keep reading. I have an advice for you below.

My Advice for You

If you are working there, you better withdraw all your earnings right now. Because they can rob you any minute. You don't believe me? Take a look at below comments and please please please learn from our experience before you also become a victim.

There is a plethora of negative views about freelancer.com out there, I shared only some of those that had Human picture beside them. So you know there are not posted by some bots. You can read more of them here on Freelancer.com Review.

My Bad Experience with Freelancer.com

Note: If you don't want to read through the whole thing, you can simply skip it and go to the bottom of this post. I have written the shortened version there for you.

A guy hired me on freelancer.com. I finished his work and got 5 stars rating. Then he asked me to do some more work for him and assigned me 2 more projects. I again delivered the work nicely. He again gave me 5 stars rating on both projects and left. The money I earned from him was now showing in my account balance and everything was OKAY. But not for long....

I went offline and came back after 3-4 hours. I then saw that my account balance was in negative as you can see in the below screenshot. I contacted the support team right away. 

Here is the reply that I got from freelancer support team:
Your employer "ABC" has violated our Terms and Conditions and with that, our Site Administrators closed their account and the funds reversed
You can see all payments reversed to the employer in below screenshot:

So without telling me anything, they returned employer all of his money that he had paid me. I was so upset and angry about their act. I messaged them to return my money because I had EARNED it !!!. It was no longer his money!!!. What I have to do with it if someone violated their terms & conditions? and is that what you do when someone violates any rule? You return them their money??? isn't it ridiculous???

Well instead of returning me my money, that's what they said to me:
We recommend that you contact your employer using any means regarding the payments. Considering that your employer's Freelancer account was closed, you may request your employer to have the payments made outside the website
Are you serious??? You really think that person is some SAINT who would return my money outside your website??? I met him on your site and did all the dealings here so I know everything is secure, and that guy won't run away with my money after getting the work done. But you guys did the opposite. You returned him the money that no longer belonged to him and now you telling me to request him???

Well I had no choice but to get them to message him about returning my money outside the site. They asked me to wait for 48 hours. After waiting 2 days, I messaged them again asking if there is any update.

That's what they replied:
Your employer has yet to respond to the email we sent them. As such, we have sent them a follow-up.
Like he would really respond. Till this day, I have not received my earned money. The settlement never occurred. Freelancer.com still owes me $510.

Another thing, if you just returned him the money, then why my account balance is showing NEGATIVE? Why it is not showing the same amount like it was before when I was not yet hired by that person?

Well Here is Another BombShell Now
They send me the following message in response to my above question. I am posting the exact screenshot.

They had deducted 15% of the project money from my account right after when I had accepted the projects. They did it 3 times as I accepted 3 projects from that guy. But when they returned him the money, they did not keep their 15% from it. Instead, they returned him all of his money and now they were demanding me to pay the project fees of all three.

If everything was reversed, should not had they returned the project fee too? I mean I no longer had the money that I earned from those projects, because the money was returned to the employer. So why they are asking me to pay the project fee?

Here is then what they replied me:
Please note that project fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome or status of the project.

So in other words, no matter if everything was reversed and the money was returned to employer, we won't reverse the Project Fee. Also, we will deduct it from YOU. We won't deduct it from the actual project money. Because we have returned it all to the employer(God knows if they had really returned him the money or they had ditched him too). Hence your balance will stay negative unless you pay the due money.

An Overview of My Bad Experience

I spent my valuable time to complete the work of a person. He violated some rules on freelancer(maybe he did it on purpose), and in result, as a so-called punishment, they closed his account and returned all of his money that he owed me. Freelancer' Support team then messaged him to settle payments with me outside the website. But he never responded to their messages.

Along with that, freelancer.com demanded me to pay the 15% of projects money as a projects fee. Projects that were all reversed and that earned me NO MONEY.

Today still, my balance is showing Negative. They are asking me to pay the project fees in order to continue working on the site. But don't worry, I am never gonna do it. I will never ever be working on that site again.

Final Words about Freelancer.com

They have so many weird rules, flawed billing system and stupid terms & conditions that are there ONLY to snatch away your money. They robbed me of my $510, but that amount will pay off if I manage to save you from them. Please do STAY AWAY from that site. You need not to go through the same bad experience. Also, do share this post with your friends to spread the word. Tell them to stay away from that site.

You can do that simply by clicking on below buttons. Thanks a lot for dropping by. Feel free to post your comment below.


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