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7 Ways to Get Tipped By Your Client on Fiverr

Getting tipped on Fiverr is not very difficult. You just need to have a WILL to please and a positive mindset. To read my Fiverr story just click HERE. I have been tipped many times on Fiverr. You can see that in the below picture:

Amazing, Right??? Now without any further delay, let's talk about how can you get Tipped from the client almost everytime.

1) Be Careful About His/Her Location and Timings

First of all, you should ask clients about their location. So you know how much time difference there is between you and him. Then you must ask when he/she will be free to talk. Not only you will be able to communicate better this way, It will also show your client that you consider his Time important.

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2) Be Personal

Take their problem as yours. Don't be someone who is only concerned about getting paid. Instead, take special interest in their problem. Give your personal advice and suggestions. Point out if there is something missing or something that can be improved. Think long term and advise them accordingly. Make them feel that there is someone behind their back and they are not alone.

3) Deliver More Than Required

For example, you are hired to design a logo. Now instead of just following their instructions and delivering one logo. You should deliver 3-5 extra logos with different styles and using your own imagination. Give them more options to decide from and show them that you are concerned about their satisfaction not their money.

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4) Show them What you have Done

The look of your final product matters a lot. Be it an article or a logo that you designed for them. It must be easily accessible and easy to scan. For example, you were asked to post comments on various websites. Now when you are about to deliver the work. You should create a nice excel file or PowerPoint presentation. Showing them what you have done, on how many sites you have commented, to which niche those websites belong? how old the websites are ? etc

5) Asking if they Need Anything Else

After completing the work, you must ask them if there is anything remaining that they would like to be done. It shows them that you were not just getting it all over your head. Instead, it seems like you were quite dedicated to the work and still willing to do more.

So those were the main techniques that I use to get tipped from the clients. But do remember that some buyers are not as open hearted as others. If any buyer does not leave you a tip, then just consider him/her as one of those.


If you are a seller on fiverr and still haven't got your first order yet, don't worry. Message me below, and I would love to help you out.

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  1. very informative. Thanks for your tips.

  2. I like the information but I am having problem not getting orders. My gig is at the bottom of search page and I don't know what to do in order to optimize it. It happening to I and my two colleagues. Do you have advise for us?

    1. Hey, Thanks for dropping By :)

      I saw your Fiverr profile(winningcontent) and gigs, and noticed couple of things that are very likely hurting your Fiverr rankings. I will write them below:

      1) You are using your own photo in the gigs. Which is fine but Fiverr prefers to show gigs on the top of search results that have HQ and Relevant Pictures. Because such pictures convert more and that's what Fiverr wants. More Business :)

      2) I saw one of your gig is of $50. While mostly people search for low priced gigs. You see that word "Five" in Fiverr? It is their marketing stunt to bring buyers on their site. That's why they have the highest Alexa Rank among other freelancing platforms. You should do the same. Ask for low price in start and then increase it once you are a Level 2 seller.

      3) Your gigs' titles are not breath taking. For example, on of the gig says
      "I Will Be Your Seo Article Writer Or Content Writer"
      Instead, you should write:
      "I will write Highly SE Optimized Content for You" etc.

      The word "or" does not look in the title of gig at all.

      I hope it helps you. If you have any other problem, feel free to ask :)

  3. Great post Muhammed. Fiverr is a great place to make people aware of what you do and to earn some great money too. Thanks for sharing..

    1. Hey Keith, nice to see you here :)
      Yeah its a great place to earn money and hire people to take care of your stuff.

      Thanks for dropping By :)

  4. Great work, I really appreciate with you for this quality work. Nice post! these tips may be helping me for future.

    1. Yes Ms Razia :)
      But I am afraid you already know the above mentioned stuff :)

      Hehe, thanks for dopping by :)

  5. Great post. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Explain some points in detail that helps people. I like this post. Good explanation.

    1. I am glad you liked it :)
      Thanks a lot for dropping By

  6. Thanks for your opinion. Recently, Fiverr changes their algorithm more frequently and gigs with higher amount are made more visible. So, First I don't think it's about the price or picture. I took the time to search and noticed that many of the gigs that are visible display personal pic. I agreed that the title needs to be more catchy.

    1. Actually the new gigs also get a little bit boost. They appear on first pages for some time. Yes, title makes or break things for the seller :)

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving comment :)

  7. There are 4 gigs in my fiber account. I am a new member in this market.
    No work orders yet. I got a lot of knowledge about reading your blog post
    Thank You for the Information.


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