Wednesday, 17 May 2017

3 Dirty Truths about Online Readers that Every Blogger Should Know

Internet is full of content and information. But only little portion of it actually gets consumed by the readers. This is due to the peculiar nature of online readers. Before I move forward, you might want to take a look at 15 Shortcut Keys that Will Make Your Life EASIER. Now lets mention the 3 dirty TRUTHS about online readers:

1) Subject to Distractions

Online Readers always have other things open in their browser. Such as Facebook, YouTube and their email account etc. So it is very easy for them to get distracted. Thus it is quite necessary to write some QUALITY content and attractive headlines in order to keep them engaged through out your blog post.

2) Easily get Bored

Online readers avoid reading long paragraph. What they like is visually pleasing content, with proper graphics and formatting. They easily get turned off if you put only the textual content there. It takes them only one click to close the tab.

3) Lack of Time

They would waste long hours in front of computer. But still they act like they are running out of time while reading a blog post. In result, they just keep looking for an excuse to not read till the end. The most common excuses they find are:

  • The post has so many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Looks like writer does not believe himself on what he has written
  • Site loads too slow
  • Formatting is so poor, looks like it was written by a kid
You must care about those above mentioned things.

Now that you know the truth about online readers. You must write accordingly to get the most out of them and not turned the off. Following posts will help you out.

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