Thursday, 18 May 2017

11 YouTube Shortcut Keys that You MUST Know

We all use YouTube but won't it be better if we can use it efficiently and without any hassle? I came across some shortcut keys which I was never aware of. They are really really really helpful, you won't regret knowing them. Just hold on and I will share them below:

1) Switching to Full Screen
You can do that simply by pressing F key in your keyboard.

2) Closing the Full Screen
Simply press Escape key to get back to the normal screen view.

3) Moving to the Search Bar
So you want to search any other video. Simply press / key(forward slash) and it will take you to the search bar.

4) Increasing/Decreasing Play Speed
So you want to get quickly go through the video or get to any previous point. You can simply increase the play speed by pressing Shift + > key and decrease it by pressing Shift + < key.

5) Move Forward/Backward per Frame
If you want to observe any object in the video. You can do that by moving per frame in the video. In order to that, just pause the video and press , key(Comma) to move backward per frame and . key(full stop) to move forward per frame. (Note: the video must be paused when you do that)

6) Restarting/Skiping to the End of Video
You can get to the start of video by pressing HOME key and skip to the end by pressing END key.

7) Play Next Video in the Recommendation/Playlist
To play the next video press Shift + N.

8) Increase/Decrease the Volume
You can do that by simply pressing Up() and Down() arrow keys. Also you can mute the video just by pressing M key.

9) Move Forward/Backward 5 Seconds
You can move forward.5 seconds by pressing Right() arrow key and backward by pressing Left() arrow key.

10) Play/Pause the Video
You can do that by simply pressing K key. You must have wondered why spacebar key does not pause the video like it does in media players. Well because on YouTube, spacebar key requires you to focus(bring pointer on the video) on the video. Thus to avoid it, you can simply press K.

11) Move Forward/Backward in Player Control buttons
Simply press TAB key to move forward and Shift + TAB key to move backward in player control buttons.

You can check various other useful shortcut keys in the post below if you liked this one.

15 Shortcut Keys that Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier

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