Thursday, 27 April 2017

Let's know how to delete WhatsApp account permanently

WhatsApp today is like a lifeline to its us. With over 1 billion users, the chat app has become the first choice for almost everyone for exchanging texts, videos or audio clips.

WhatsApp has become easier to reach out to anyone at anytime. Everything comes at a cost.
Deleting WhatsApp could be a little extreme, here is what you should do. Uninstalling the app doesn't help. It only can deletes the WhatsApp icon from your phone. All your messages will still come to WhatsApp servers and when you reinstall the app again, they will be there. But there is a way to delete, completely delete, Now we will know how to delete WhatsApp Permanently.
1. Go to WhatsApp settings.
2. Tap on  WhatsApp  Account.
3. Then click on Delete my account.
4. Enter the number and click on delete my account shown across the red background.
5. It'll ask you to give your region and the reason for quitting. This is optional matter. Then, Tap on delete my account and done. Your WhatsApp account is now being deleting
Now to access again, you must create a new WhatsApp account.


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