Tuesday, 1 November 2016

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Learn these 2 Shortcut Keys to Sky-Rocket your Productivity

Computers have become a significant part of our lives but, how can we get the most out of them? and within lesser time? Well I know 2 simple shortcut keys that will help you achieve it. You can use these shortcut keys while writing content, chating with a friend, browsing internet or going through your data files etc.

Move to the Very Beginning

There is a Home key in your keyboard. You can use it to move to the very beginning of any sentence, page, file, post etc. 

For Example
Suppose you are writing and you forgot to capitalize the first letter or you want to add something in the beginning of that line. Just press the Home key once and your cursor will be taken to that place, instead of holding the left arrow key for few seconds or using your mouse.

Similarly if you want to move your cursor to the beginning of document not just the sentence, you can do it by pressing Ctrl + Home. It will boost your productivity and save tons of your time.

Not only that, you can use Home key to get to the top of any webpage, select the first file/folder in the directory, move to the previous page while reading pdf file etc.


Move to the Very End

You can get to the very end of anything by pressing End key. Rest of the details are same as mentioned above, I won't waste your time here.


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