Thursday, 17 November 2016

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How to Surf Internet Swiftly and with Lightening Speed?

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We use shortcut keys while typing, such as Ctrl+C(to copy text) or Ctrl+B(to make the text bold). But there are really AWESOME shortcut keys that help you a lot while browsing Internet. By using them, you can get a lot of work done within lesser time. Meanwhile, feel free to check this below post

2 Shortcut Keys that Every Writer/Blogger Should Know

Following are the Shortcut keys to browser Internet swiftly:

1) Opening things in a New Tab.
No need to first right click and then left click. Just hold the Ctrl key and click on any link. It will open it a new tab.

2) Closing Tab
Moving your cursor across the screen just to close the tab can be annoying. Simply press Ctrl+W and it will close the currently opened tab. 

3) Opening a New Tab
Simply press Ctrl+T for that.

4) Open the Recently Closed Tab
Unfortunately, Ctrl+Z does not work here. But you can press Ctrl+Shift+T to restore the recently closed tab.

5) Switching Tab
No need to use your mouse any more. Just press Ctrl+[1,2,3,4...9] to switch to your desired tab. You can switch to the last tab by simply pressing Ctrl+9.

Last Words

More you abstain from using mouse, the more you will save your time and concentration. Shortcut keys are really helpful, you should learn more of them to further boost your browsing speed.

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