Sunday, 27 November 2016

How to Quickly Minimize Everything and Switch to the Desktop?

Quite often, we feel the need of minimizing everything and switch to the desktop. I see people minimizing all the windows one by one in order to make their way clear to the desktop. It takes a lot of time. Instead, you can do it quickly with a shortcut key.

For Windows Users

Hold the Windows Key and press D. It will minimize all the currently opened programs and take you to the desktop. You may simple press again Windows Key + D to restore the previously opened programs.

For Linux Users

Hold the Super Key and press D. It will minimize the currently opened programs and switch to the desktop. But if you are using Ubuntu 13.10 or any later version, you will need to press Ctrl + Super Key + D .

For Mac Users

Simply press the F11 key if you are using the old versions of OS X. On a MacBook you will have to press
Fn Key + F11, as the F11 key alone is used to control the volume by default.

You can save yourself from getting caught by your boss or anyone else using the above shortcut key. Don't forget to share this with your friends or colleagues. I am sure it will be quite useful for them :)

Just click on the buttons given below. Thanks :)


  1. An ideal behavior for when I switch tabs to Desktop using Alt+Tab, it would be showing the "Minimize All" behavior, which simply minimizes all windows and leaving me with my actual desktop, which sits behind everything. In order to achieve it , I have to move fingers across the keyboard and press Win+M.
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    How can I tell Windows to use "Minimize All" rather than "Show Desktop" when I use 'Alt+Tab' functionality to switch over to desktop and save .5 seconds in time?

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