Wednesday, 16 November 2016

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5 Tips to Create a Strong and Easy to Remember Password

How can you create strong password to protect yourself from hackers and social engineers? I will share with you my personal tips, to create a password that is impossible to be guessed or cracked for your online accounts. Before going to unveil them, feel free to check my below blog post also :)

1) Sentences, NOT Words

Your password should not be a single word, it should be a sentence (if you have any issue memorizing long passwords, don't worry. I will tell you how to cope with it.). For example:
Instead of setting password such as school16, worker29 or play909 etc, your password should look like this:
  • loveplayingfootball909
  • heworksreallyhard29
  • ihategoingtoschool16

How to memorize long passwords? 

It's very simple. Just remember the first letter of every word. For Example:
lpf909 i.e loveplayingfootball909 or hwrh29 i.e heworksreallyhard29 etc

2) Start with a Capital Letter & Include Numbers

A Sentence always starts with a capital letter, right? and when you are saying good bye to any stranger in the end, most probably you exchange phone numbers, right? Hope you got the idea. 

Always start your password with a capital letter and include any number in the end of your password. First 2 sentences will help you recall your password, in case you forget it in future. 

For Example:

3) Include Special Characters but Don't Overdo it

It is nice to use special characters in your password but don't overuse them, or it will be hard for you to memorize. Also it will eat up your time each time you will be entering your password.

4) Use Spaces

Spaces are a really great way to annoy hackers. Once I got infected by a keylogger, hacker could literally see my password. But still he was unable to login to my account, because I had used couple of spaces in my password, especially in start and the end which he did not realize (Such a dummy) :p

5) Keep them Irrelevant

Yes right, your password should not contain anything related to yourself. For example:
  • Don't use your Birth date
  • Avoid using your Mobile Number
  • Also no pet name.
  • Or Name of any of your siblings

Because above information must have been out already and someone use it to guess your password. We call it Social Engineering, where you guess someone's password to access their account.

Alright guys, hope you are able to create metallic passwords for your accounts and simultaneously won't face any problem memorizing them. 

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