Thursday, 10 November 2016

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15 Shortcut Keys That Will Make Your Life 150% Easier

Shortcut Keys to Make your Life Easier
Image Credits go to Pixabay

Isn't it annoying to repeatedly move your hand toward the mouse or mouse pad just to get simple things done. That's where Shortcut keys come to rescue. They are really helpful when it comes to boosting your productivity, making things easier and saving time. Feel free to take a look at this Awesomely written post before we head up to the Shortcut Keys :

 7 Time-Saving Tips When Working On Computer

Ctrl+Shift+T: To Open the Recently Closed tab

Ctrl+Shift+N: To Open the Recently Closed Window

Ctrl+L: To Move your Cursor to the Address Bar 

Ctrl+T: To Open New tab

Alt+Home: To Open the Homepage (Default Homepage that you have chosen in the settings) 

Ctrl+W: To Close the Current Tab

Ctrl+H: To View your Browser History

Ctrl+Z: To Undo the last Action you Did

Ctrl+Y: To Redo what you just Undid. In other words, undoing the undo.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: To open the Task Manager without opening the Logon Screen

Ctrl+Tab: To Navigate through the Tabs

Home Key: To move your cursor to the start of current line. 

End Key: To move your cursor to the end of current line.

Ctrl+Home Key: To move your cursor to the start of currently opened Document. 

Ctrl+End Key: To move your cursor to the end of currently opened Document.

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