Saturday, 2 July 2016

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Simple Trick to Reduce the CPU Usage of Your Computer

Usually we just shutdown the background processes to reduce the CPU Usage of our computer. But you may do the same using one simple trick and without closing any program.

Step 1

Open Start, or just press the Windows button on your keyboard.

Step 2

Type services.msc and hit enter. As shown in the below picture.

Step 3

A new window will open, showing various services. Now from them, find this service Windows Management Instrumentation.

Step 4

After finding and selecting the above mentioned service, click on Restart from the left column of the Window. As shown in the below picture.

Step 5

It will prompt you to select Yes or No. Just click on Yes and you are all done.

Almost Done
Now open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape. Click on Performance tab and you will notice the reasonable amount of decrease in CPU Usage. As shown in the below picture.

You can take care of the overheating problem using the same technique. If you have any other issue or problem, feel free to tell me in the comments section below. Would love to find a solution for you :)


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