Saturday, 30 July 2016

Easiest Way to Print Your Screen and Share it with Anyone Online

Are you tired of pasting your print screenshot in MS Paint, cropping & selecting your concerned area, upload it on any free image uploading site and then sending the link to concerned person? It takes you like forever, doesn't it?

Well I know a better and quite simple way to share your screenshot with anyone online. Lets find out:

There is a free online tool available known  as Snaggy that will do everything for you. Also you don't need to download it.

How to Use It

1) Simply press Print Screen button on your Keyboard.

2) Go to Snaggy's website.

3) Press Ctrl+V there and you are done.

It will automatically generate a link for you that you can send to anyone in order to share the screenshot.

You can also crop, edit or write any text  on the screenshot using that tool before you share the link to someone. Congrats!!! Life is much Easier now :)

Image Credits go to UberGizmo


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