Thursday, 12 September 2013


Installing Windows 7 From USB

So your computer has neither CD-ROM nor DVD-ROM, or they just do not work properly and you want to install Windows 7 on your computer.So I have a solution for your problem.

You can install Windows 7 using USB.So lets get down to work and start doing our job.

How To Install Windows 7 From USB?

To do this,first thing you will need is a tool named as Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.
Download it from Here

Other thing is Iso image of Windows 7 setup.You can search it on torrent sites, you will easily find it or you can make Iso image of windows 7 DVD using Power iso.You can download that program from Here

So if you have both things:
  • Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

  • Windows 7 Iso image. 

Power Iso
 We can move forward.

Open your Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

Click on browse and select the Windows 7 Iso Image.
Installing Windows 7 From USB

Click on next,it will ask you whether you want to make your USB Bootable or DVD?Click on USB and it will start doing its job.

After couple of moments it will finish its job.Now restart the computer and press F8 when your computer is starting.It will take you to the bios settings,from there navigate to Boot settings TAB.

Go to the priority order and Choose Boot From USB.

Save and Exit the Bios Menu.It will restart computer and move you to the Windows 7 Setup.


  1. I've done this last June. :) -BobbyGirl

  2. hehe thats great xD

    thanks you don't have the same picture here ^_^


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