Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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Where To Hide Your Secret Data On Computer?

Everybody has a secret data just the way everybody has a private life.Its everybody's to keep his\her data private.

What do I mean by Private/Secret Data?

It can be your or your family pictures,videos.Your worksheets,phonebook or may be some Account details.

Where you can hide your data?

Well the best place to hide your data in computer is, the place which is being navigated the least.You know people may wander around your drives.They may open the folders with ambiguous or un-meaningful  names but the place where they will not go or look thoroughly is your Windows Folder.Yes its true,you would also had felt it.Whenever you use somebody's computer,you go everywhere but you leave Windows Folder unseen.Because "Who gives a damn about that?!"

So to hide your data,I would advise you to choose Windows Folder,then in there first make your own custom folders in Windows directory with irrelevant names and place your secret data into it,make more and more sub-folders among your data to make it more difficult for your data to get exposed.






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