Thursday, 29 August 2013

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What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.Its biggest application is World Wide Web.HTTP is used to exchange the hypertexts between clients and servers.It works as request-response protocol between clients and server.

              Our Web Browser(firefox) uses HTTP protocol to send request to the server,then the server sends response to our request via HTTP protocol to our Web Browser.Web Browser can be also called as User-Agent.There are many methods for the User Agent to send request e.g GET,POST etc.

What is Hypertext?

Hypertext is composed of two words, text and hyper.Text can be seen as a structured or well defined text while hyper is used to indicate the hyperlinks that exist in that structured text..

 Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS?

Actually there is one thing to make sure that HTTPS is no separate protocol.It is just you can say an extension or well secured form of HTTP.When our browser is sending request using HTTPS then it means that it is sending request to the server using HTTP with a layer of SSL protection.

  • HTTP uses port number 80,while HTTPS uses port number 443.


  • HTTP is not very secure,HTTPS is secured one.


  • HTTP is vulnerable to man in the middle attack or evasdropping while HTTPS uses SSL protection to get rid of those threats.


  • HTTP is faster than HTTPS.


  • HTTP url starts from http,while HTTPS url starts from https.


HTTPS is used mostly for the sake of authentication.It is used where important discussion or transaction is taking place.For Example whenever you go to paypal website,you can see,the url will be always starting from HTTPs.


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