Friday, 30 August 2013

How to see the hidden files and folders in USB?

Many of the times,you plug in the USB and find it empty.While on the other hand when you check its properties,it shows that USB is half used by some data.

So how to See that hidden data?
First of all plug in the USB.

Go to Start,type cmd and hit enter.

 command prompt

 It will open up the command prompt.


command prompt

Go to your USB drive and see what its label name is.It can be f:,g: or maybe h: . You just check it,by going to the Computer.


How to see the hidden files and folders in USB?

Now after seeing that go to Command Prompt and type the lable name of your USB drive.

For Example in my case it is g: .So I will type there g: and hit enter.It will take me to the usb drive.

 Now type the below code and hit enter.

attrib -s -h /s /d 


How to see the hidden files and folders in USB?

Now go to your USB and play with your Data,it would no longer be hidden.


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