Wednesday, 24 May 2017

7 Ways to Get Tipped By Your Client on Fiverr

Getting tipped on Fiverr is not very difficult. You just need to have a WILL to please and a positive mindset. To read my Fiverr story just click HERE. I have been tipped many times on Fiverr. You can see that in the below picture:

Amazing, Right??? Now without any further delay, let's talk about how can you get Tipped from the client almost everytime.

1) Be Careful About His/Her Location and Timings

First of all, you should ask clients about their location. So you know how much time difference there is between you and him. Then you must ask when he/she will be free to talk. Not only you will be able to communicate better this way, It will also show your client that you consider his Time important.

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2) Be Personal

Take their problem as yours. Don't be someone who is only concerned about getting paid. Instead, take special interest in their problem. Give your personal advice and suggestions. Point out if there is something missing or something that can be improved. Think long term and advise them accordingly. Make them feel that there is someone behind their back and they are not alone.

3) Deliver More Than Required

For example, you are hired to design a logo. Now instead of just following their instructions and delivering one logo. You should deliver 3-5 extra logos with different styles and using your own imagination. Give them more options to decide from and show them that you are concerned about their satisfaction not their money.

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4) Show them What you have Done

The look of your final product matters a lot. Be it an article or a logo that you designed for them. It must be easily accessible and easy to scan. For example, you were asked to post comments on various websites. Now when you are about to deliver the work. You should create a nice excel file or PowerPoint presentation. Showing them what you have done, on how many sites you have commented, to which niche those websites belong? how old the websites are ? etc

5) Asking if they Need Anything Else

After completing the work, you must ask them if there is anything remaining that they would like to be done. It shows them that you were not just getting it all over your head. Instead, it seems like you were quite dedicated to the work and still willing to do more.

So those were the main techniques that I use to get tipped from the clients. But do remember that some buyers are not as open hearted as others. If any buyer does not leave you a tip, then just consider him/her as one of those.


If you are a seller on fiverr and still haven't got your first order yet, don't worry. Message me below, and I would love to help you out.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

11 YouTube Shortcut Keys that You MUST Know

We all use YouTube but won't it be better if we can use it efficiently and without any hassle? I came across some shortcut keys which I was never aware of. They are really really really helpful, you won't regret knowing them. Just hold on and I will share them below:

1) Switching to Full Screen
You can do that simply by pressing F key in your keyboard.

2) Closing the Full Screen
Simply press Escape key to get back to the normal screen view.

3) Moving to the Search Bar
So you want to search any other video. Simply press / key(forward slash) and it will take you to the search bar.

4) Increasing/Decreasing Play Speed
So you want to get quickly go through the video or get to any previous point. You can simply increase the play speed by pressing Shift + > key and decrease it by pressing Shift + < key.

5) Move Forward/Backward per Frame
If you want to observe any object in the video. You can do that by moving per frame in the video. In order to that, just pause the video and press , key(Comma) to move backward per frame and . key(full stop) to move forward per frame. (Note: the video must be paused when you do that)

6) Restarting/Skiping to the End of Video
You can get to the start of video by pressing HOME key and skip to the end by pressing END key.

7) Play Next Video in the Recommendation/Playlist
To play the next video press Shift + N.

8) Increase/Decrease the Volume
You can do that by simply pressing Up() and Down() arrow keys. Also you can mute the video just by pressing M key.

9) Move Forward/Backward 5 Seconds
You can move forward.5 seconds by pressing Right() arrow key and backward by pressing Left() arrow key.

10) Play/Pause the Video
You can do that by simply pressing K key. You must have wondered why spacebar key does not pause the video like it does in media players. Well because on YouTube, spacebar key requires you to focus(bring pointer on the video) on the video. Thus to avoid it, you can simply press K.

11) Move Forward/Backward in Player Control buttons
Simply press TAB key to move forward and Shift + TAB key to move backward in player control buttons.

You can check various other useful shortcut keys in the post below if you liked this one.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

3 Dirty Truths about Online Readers that Every Blogger Should Know

Internet is full of content and information. But only little portion of it actually gets consumed by the readers. This is due to the peculiar nature of online readers. Before I move forward, you might want to take a look at 15 Shortcut Keys that Will Make Your Life EASIER. Now lets mention the 3 dirty TRUTHS about online readers:

1) Subject to Distractions

Online Readers always have other things open in their browser. Such as Facebook, YouTube and their email account etc. So it is very easy for them to get distracted. Thus it is quite necessary to write some QUALITY content and attractive headlines in order to keep them engaged through out your blog post.

2) Easily get Bored

Online readers avoid reading long paragraph. What they like is visually pleasing content, with proper graphics and formatting. They easily get turned off if you put only the textual content there. It takes them only one click to close the tab.

3) Lack of Time

They would waste long hours in front of computer. But still they act like they are running out of time while reading a blog post. In result, they just keep looking for an excuse to not read till the end. The most common excuses they find are:

  • The post has so many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Looks like writer does not believe himself on what he has written
  • Site loads too slow
  • Formatting is so poor, looks like it was written by a kid
You must care about those above mentioned things.

Now that you know the truth about online readers. You must write accordingly to get the most out of them and not turned the off. Following posts will help you out.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

4 Major Mistakes that I Committed on Fiverr

We all learn from our mistakes no matter what we do. On Fiverr, I also committed some mistakes. I would like you guys to take a look at them. So you don't do the same mistakes. Lets get started:

1) Expecting Success Overnight

When I joined Fiverr, I thought I would start getting orders right away after creating a gig. But I was totally wrong(Read my Fiverr Story Here). You need to promote your gigs and be proactive in order to get your first order. It is very unlikely that someone will come on his own and buy any of your gig. I mean who would have hired a New seller like me when they had other options of hiring Level 1, 2 and Top Rated Sellers.

2) Not using Attractive Images on my Gigs

There are so many gigs on Fiverr. Even hundreds of them get created everyday. So in order to win orders, you must know how to make your gig stand out of the crowd. And one way to do it is to use attractive images and write detailed descriptions.

3) Making Clients wait for Long

Often times I was too busy with the work that I could not take any more orders. So I asked the clients to wait for my message. I made them wait for like 24 hours and you know what? They just hired someone else without waiting for my message. They did the right thing. Because they are concerned only with their work and getting the job done. Why would they wait for my message anyway?

4) Taking Freelancing as a Piece Of Cake

Like many others, I also thought that earning online is like pulling money from the trees. But it is not like that at all. In fact, as a freelancer, you have to work way more as compare to working offline. The only perk of freelancing is that you don't have to leave your house early in the morning.

But I am so proud and glad that I learned from my mistakes and I am doing way better than I was doing a couple of years ago. You know what are most commonly asked questions about Fiverr? You can find it out along with their answers in the post given below.

7 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Fiverr

When did you get your frist order? and How is Fiverr going for you? You have any question? Feel free to ask me below and don't forget to share this post :)

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Friday, 12 May 2017

7 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Fiverr

I have been on Fiverr since 2013, and I have learnt quite a lot about it. Following are the questions that people mostly ask about Fiverr. I have posted their answers below in the light of my experience. Feel free to ask more if you have any other question related to Fiverr.

Question No 1

I have created an account on Fiverr and posted couple of gigs. But I am not getting any order. Nobody has even messaged me yet. Why is that? How long do I have to wait for someone to come and place order on any of my gig?


You are not alone, I went through the same situation. You have waited for months and I waited for 2 years. Read my emotional Fiverr story HERE. All you need to do is stop being reactive, you have to be PROACTIVE and start bidding on buyers requests. If you are a New Seller, it is very unlikely that someone will automatically come and buy your gig. You will have to get your first order through bidding on buyers requests.

Question No 2

I delivered the work and it got marked as completed automatically. The buyer did not leave me any review/rating. Will that order be counted in my journey of getting on level 1 or level 2?


Yes, it WILL get counted even if the buyer/client did not leave any review. Actually buyers are not freelancers like us and do not spend much time on Fiverr. They are just concerned with their work. Once their work is done, they don't look back.

Question No 3

I have been bidding on buyers requests. But I am not getting contacted by anyone. Why?


There can be various reasons behind it. Just know this, other people with level 1 or 2 and a lot of reviews also bid on the same requests. So it is very likely that you haven't been able to beat them. What I do is that I bid low and write unique bid for every request. I fully read the buyer's request and bid accordingly. You can learn how to stand out of the crowd and win projects by reading this post.

Question No 4

What kind of Gig should I create? related to Web Design? SEO? Logo Design? What???


Simple answer, create a gig according to what you are good at. Something that you can do very well. Because there are already a lot of people offering high quality services. You must polish your skills and offer what you can do the BEST. If you don't have any skills, then don't worry. Just find your interest and get perfect in it by practice and by watching YouTube videos. By my experience, I can say that Logo Design, Web Design, Article Writing(Proofreading) and SEO skills are highly in demand.

Question No 5

Fiverr has blocked my account, what should I do? What should I do in order to prevent Fiverr from blocking my account in future?


If your account is blocked, you should contact their support team and ask for the reason. So that you don't repeat it in future. However, following are the most common reasons that result into of your account getting blocked.

  • Sharing contact information.
  • Using multiple accounts.
  • Doing advertisement and sending spam messages.
  • Re-selling your work on Fiverr. For example, someone hired you on Fiverr for the work of $50 and you further hired someone to do that work for you for less than $50. You acting as a middle man and outsourcing your own work on Fiverr is strongly disapproved.
  • Sharing adult content either through messages or by creating gigs.
  • Asking someone to hire you by posting in buyers requests section.

Question No 6

What Payment methods Fiverr offers? Can people from India and other 3rd World Countries also work on Fiverr?


The answer is YES. Fiverr pays you through following methods:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer ( Fiverr also offers their own Payoneer Card, you can use both )
  • Local Bank Transfer( it is applicable for US citizens only yet )

Question No 7

Can someone earn a full time living from Fiverr?


Yes (check this post), there are many people who use Fiverr as their main income source. Even many people have quit their jobs and started working full time there. But I won't recommend it. You must not fully rely on Fiverr. Build multiple sources of income instead.

Don't forget to share this post so that new freelancers can benefit from it. Also, feel free to ask if you any question related to Fiverr. In case you are struggling with Fiverr and getting no order, I would love to help you out :)

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What NOT to do When bidding on Buyers Requests? [Fiverr]

If you don't know me, you can read my Fiverr story here. Alright so lets come to the main topic. Following are the things that you should MUST avoid when bidding on buyers requests.

1) Bidding all at Once

As you know we can bid on 10 requests in a day. So don't just login and use all of your bids in a single go. Instead, bid on requests in different periods. Such as bidding in the morning, evening and at night etc.

2) Copy Pasted Bids

Never copy paste the same bid's descriptions. Instead, write a unique and relevant bid description for every buyer request. This will make you stand out of the crowd; the buyer will know that you are serious about the work.

3) Bidding Very High

There are always other people who bid on the same request. They are your competitors. In order to beat the competition, you must not bid very high. Bid low instead, you can re-negotiate the price after talking to the client later. But always bid low in the first place.

4) Not Reading the Buyers Request

I have been a buyer too and have hired many people on Fiverr. One thing I have noticed is that majority of the sellers don't even read the buyer request. They just waste their and buyer's time. So if you just fully read the buyer request and bid accordingly, you will already have an edge over your competitors.

Just follow above 4 tips and I am sure you will start getting more sales from buyers requests section.

8 Fiverr Tips from the Top Rated Sellers

Also, feel free to ask if you need any help regarding Fiverr.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Why there are 2 Ctrl, Shift and Alt Keys on every Keyboard?

Ever wondered why there are 2 Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys on your keyboard? Well because those keys are rarely used alone. Most of the time they are used in combination with other keys. Mainly as shortcut keys such as Alt + F4 for closing the window, Ctrl + C for copying, Ctrl + T to open a new tab and so on.

So Why 2 Ctrl, Alt and Shift Keys?

Try holding the left Ctrl key and then press P button with the same hand i.e Print Command. You will find it difficult or even impossible to do that unless you have abnormally large hands. If you have normal hands, you will HAVE to use your both hands.

Now times comes when your other hand is not free. Like when you are drinking a coffee or holding a cell phone in one hand. So in that case, the other Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys that exist on the right side of your keyboard help you out.

For Example
If your left hand is busy and you have to give a Print command. You can hold the right Ctrl key and press P button. Instead of waiting for your left hand to get free and use both hands to press Ctrl + P.

I hope you now know the purpose of  2 CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys in every keyboard. Don't forget to ask your friends about it and share this post with them :)