Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fiverr Review, Is it Good For You?

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is a freelancing site like Odesk,Freelancer and Elance etc but the difference is, it offers you micro jobs not more than 5 $.However when you spend some time working there and get yourself upgraded to next levels then you can earn more than 5$ per job.

How it Pays?

It pays you via Paypal and Payoneer.Your employer gives the feedback about the work done by you and according to that feedback you get your money into your account.From there you can withdraw your money.

I am going to mention some pros and cons of fiverr below .

Plus Points

  • You offer your skills and employers themselves come to you.

  • You don't need to do big tasks.The jobs are only worth of five dollars , so the time it takes .

  • Site is very user-friendly , you will feel no difficulty at all.

  • There are many employers out there on fiverr looking for employees like you.

Negative Points

  • It pays only 5 dollars per job until you upgrade yourself and move to the next level.

  • Your profile and portfolio should must be attractive enough to get jobs.

  • Competition is very high and there are many employees like you looking for jobs.So it is very hard to get the job if you are not offering anything unique.

Why Fiverr is not Good for Beginners?

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Installing Windows 7 From USB

So your computer has neither CD-ROM nor DVD-ROM, or they just do not work properly and you want to install Windows 7 on your computer.So I have a solution for your problem.

You can install Windows 7 using USB.So lets get down to work and start doing our job.

How To Install Windows 7 From USB?

To do this,first thing you will need is a tool named as Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.
Download it from Here

Other thing is Iso image of Windows 7 setup.You can search it on torrent sites, you will easily find it or you can make Iso image of windows 7 DVD using Power iso.You can download that program from Here

So if you have both things:
  • Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

  • Windows 7 Iso image. 

Power Iso
 We can move forward.

Open your Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

Click on browse and select the Windows 7 Iso Image.
Installing Windows 7 From USB

Click on next,it will ask you whether you want to make your USB Bootable or DVD?Click on USB and it will start doing its job.

After couple of moments it will finish its job.Now restart the computer and press F8 when your computer is starting.It will take you to the bios settings,from there navigate to Boot settings TAB.

Go to the priority order and Choose Boot From USB.

Save and Exit the Bios Menu.It will restart computer and move you to the Windows 7 Setup.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How to change the color of text and background in MS-DOS?

Are you tired of old default color scheme of ms-dos?

Gladly you can change it according to your mood.

How To Change The Color in MS-DOS?

First of all open up MS-DOS,by typing cmd in START.

Now type there color 2 and hit enter.It will change the text color to green.Similarly you can type different numbers from 0 to 9 to set different colours.

To use mixed colors,there are pre-defined Alphabets like if you type color A,it will change the text color to Light Green,Similarly if you write color B,it will change the color of text to Light Aqua.

You can get a whole list of options about color by typing color/?

ms-dos color /?


I hope you liked the post.

Stay Tuned for more...

Monday, 2 September 2013

How to Enable Layers-Brushes Box in Gimp?

So accidently you closed the layers-brushes box and now whenever you open up Gimp,you don't see that box.

How To Make Layers-Brushes Visible?

First of all Open Up Gimp.

Create New Layer.

Click on Windows Tab,move your cursor to Recently Closed Docks,from there click on layers,Channels etc
For Example

How To Make Layers-Brushes Visible?

Congrajulations your layers-brushes box is back.


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Windows Hidden Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows has many secret tools and programs.Today I am going to introduce one of them to you guys.
Its full name is Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.As you can see it is a malicious softwares removal tool but you can not it is not a replacement of Anti-Virus keep that thing in mind.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

It is prevalent malicious software removal tool.You will be thinking what is prevalent and what is the difference between malicious softwares and prevalent malicious software?So here is the answer,prevalent malicious softwares are those softwares that are found commonly in Windows Computers.So you don't need to download or purchase any Anti-Virus just for the sake of removing those malicious software.To remove those old and frequently found malicious softwares,windows has built in tool which we are talking about.Yes the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

How To Run Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?


You can run it by going to start.Type mrt there,hit enter and it will open the tool.
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

After Pressing Enter You will see this Window.
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

After choosing whatever type of scan you want.It will start scanning and in the end,you will see this window.
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool



This tool is not a replacement for Anti-Virus.It is good when you can't buy or trust any available Anti-Virus.As it is built in,you don't need to install it or download it.You don't any internet connection for it.This tool is old and it is suitable to get rid of old and common malicious software tools.So I would advise you to also install any good Anti-Virus Program to get rid of new malicious softwares and viruses.

I hope you liked the post,there are many other hidden and interesting tools in Windows,I will post about them too on my blog,So stay tuned.

Friday, 30 August 2013

How to see the hidden files and folders in USB?

Many of the times,you plug in the USB and find it empty.While on the other hand when you check its properties,it shows that USB is half used by some data.

So how to See that hidden data?
First of all plug in the USB.

Go to Start,type cmd and hit enter.

 command prompt

 It will open up the command prompt.


command prompt

Go to your USB drive and see what its label name is.It can be f:,g: or maybe h: . You just check it,by going to the Computer.


How to see the hidden files and folders in USB?

Now after seeing that go to Command Prompt and type the lable name of your USB drive.

For Example in my case it is g: .So I will type there g: and hit enter.It will take me to the usb drive.

 Now type the below code and hit enter.

attrib -s -h /s /d 


How to see the hidden files and folders in USB?

Now go to your USB and play with your Data,it would no longer be hidden.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.Its biggest application is World Wide Web.HTTP is used to exchange the hypertexts between clients and servers.It works as request-response protocol between clients and server.

              Our Web Browser(firefox) uses HTTP protocol to send request to the server,then the server sends response to our request via HTTP protocol to our Web Browser.Web Browser can be also called as User-Agent.There are many methods for the User Agent to send request e.g GET,POST etc.

What is Hypertext?

Hypertext is composed of two words, text and hyper.Text can be seen as a structured or well defined text while hyper is used to indicate the hyperlinks that exist in that structured text..

 Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS?

Actually there is one thing to make sure that HTTPS is no separate protocol.It is just you can say an extension or well secured form of HTTP.When our browser is sending request using HTTPS then it means that it is sending request to the server using HTTP with a layer of SSL protection.

  • HTTP uses port number 80,while HTTPS uses port number 443.


  • HTTP is not very secure,HTTPS is secured one.


  • HTTP is vulnerable to man in the middle attack or evasdropping while HTTPS uses SSL protection to get rid of those threats.


  • HTTP is faster than HTTPS.


  • HTTP url starts from http,while HTTPS url starts from https.


HTTPS is used mostly for the sake of authentication.It is used where important discussion or transaction is taking place.For Example whenever you go to paypal website,you can see,the url will be always starting from HTTPs.