Wednesday, 30 November 2016

YouTube Introduced An Awesome Feature - Must Look

While watching YouTube videos, we often get a call from someone or something pops up on our desk that makes us close the browser. Now when we come back, we are usually unable to recall where we left the video. So we usually bounce around the seekbar to get to the point where we left. Some of us, even watch the whole video all over again.

    You don't need to do that anymore. Because now, YouTube shows you the duration of video that you have already watched. So it helps you in resuming the video exactly from where you left.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Login to your YouTube account

  2. Click on History on the left side of Screen.

  3. It will show you videos that you have previously opened.

  4. Now look at the bottom of every video, you will see a red line showing you the duration of video you have already watched.

  5. See the picture below, you will understand everything.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

How to Quickly Minimize Everything and Switch to the Desktop?

Quite often, we feel the need of minimizing everything and switch to the desktop. I see people minimizing all the windows one by one in order to make their way clear to the desktop. It takes a lot of time. Instead, you can do it quickly with a shortcut key.

For Windows Users

Hold the Windows Key and press D. It will minimize all the currently opened programs and take you to the desktop. You may simple press again Windows Key + D to restore the previously opened programs.

For Linux Users

Hold the Super Key and press D. It will minimize the currently opened programs and switch to the desktop. But if you are using Ubuntu 13.10 or any later version, you will need to press Ctrl + Super Key + D .

For Mac Users

Simply press the F11 key if you are using the old versions of OS X. On a MacBook you will have to press
Fn Key + F11, as the F11 key alone is used to control the volume by default.

You can save yourself from getting caught by your boss or anyone else using the above shortcut key. Don't forget to share this with your friends or colleagues. I am sure it will be quite useful for them :)

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to stop Youtube from Auto-Playing the Next Video?

It is quite bothering when you are listening to any song and YouTube auto plays the up next video after it ends. You can get rid of this problem with just a single click.

Look at the top right side (if there is no ad) else, look at the right side of the screen. You will see Autoplay written there. Just beside it, there is an enable/disable button. You can click on it to disable the auto playing feature.

Don't worry, I have attached the screenshots for your ease.

After when you have disabled the Autoplay, it will look like this.

YouTube will no longer auto plays the up-next video.
Congrats, you saved yourself from experiencing that annoying thing over and over again.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

How to Change your WordPress Password using PHPMyAdmin?

Image Credits go to Pixabay
You may face a situation when you don't know the password for WordPress Dashboard or might have forgotten it. But if you have access to the database via phpmyadmin, you can reset password from there.

5 Tips to Create Strong & Easy to Remember Password

1) Simply open phpmyadmin.

2) On left side, there will be shown the names of databases.

3) You need to know your database name. It is where your WordPress password is stored. So you can reset it.

Finding out your Database Name

  1. Go to the main directory of your site and open file called wp-config.php
  2. After opening that file, press CTRL+F and type "DB_Name" without quotes  there. Then press Enter.
  3. You will see your database name just beside 'DB_Name'. For Example, my database name is parc.

4) Alright, now lets come back after finding your database name. Select your database in phpmyadmin.

5) After selecting your database, you will see something like that.

6) Now you will be seeing table names on the left side. Click on the table called wp_users. You will then see user names and their further details on the right side. Click on Edit, depending on which account's password you want to change. Right now, there are 3 people who are registered on my site. That's why it is showing me 3 user accounts.

7) After you clicked on Edit, you will see some kind of a form on next page. In the 3rd row, you will find user_pass field. In the same row, click on the drop down menu in Function column and select MD5. Just like shown in the below picture.

8) Now the last step is to simply enter your new password as shown in the below picture and click on Go button.

Congrats!!!, you changed your password.

Now you can go to the WordPress login page and login using your new password.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How to Surf Internet Swiftly and with Lightening Speed?

Image Credits go to Pixabay

We use shortcut keys while typing, such as Ctrl+C(to copy text) or Ctrl+B(to make the text bold). But there are really AWESOME shortcut keys that help you a lot while browsing Internet. By using them, you can get a lot of work done within lesser time. Meanwhile, feel free to check this below post

2 Shortcut Keys that Every Writer/Blogger Should Know

Following are the Shortcut keys to browser Internet swiftly:

1) Opening things in a New Tab.
No need to first right click and then left click. Just hold the Ctrl key and click on any link. It will open it a new tab.

2) Closing Tab
Moving your cursor across the screen just to close the tab can be annoying. Simply press Ctrl+W and it will close the currently opened tab. 

3) Opening a New Tab
Simply press Ctrl+T for that.

4) Open the Recently Closed Tab
Unfortunately, Ctrl+Z does not work here. But you can press Ctrl+Shift+T to restore the recently closed tab.

5) Switching Tab
No need to use your mouse any more. Just press Ctrl+[1,2,3,4...9] to switch to your desired tab. You can switch to the last tab by simply pressing Ctrl+9.

Last Words

More you abstain from using mouse, the more you will save your time and concentration. Shortcut keys are really helpful, you should learn more of them to further boost your browsing speed.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

5 Tips to Create a Strong and Easy to Remember Password

How can you create strong password to protect yourself from hackers and social engineers? I will share with you my personal tips, to create a password that is impossible to be guessed or cracked for your online accounts. Before going to unveil them, feel free to check my below blog post also :)

1) Sentences, NOT Words

Your password should not be a single word, it should be a sentence (if you have any issue memorizing long passwords, don't worry. I will tell you how to cope with it.). For example:
Instead of setting password such as school16, worker29 or play909 etc, your password should look like this:
  • loveplayingfootball909
  • heworksreallyhard29
  • ihategoingtoschool16

How to memorize long passwords? 

It's very simple. Just remember the first letter of every word. For Example:
lpf909 i.e loveplayingfootball909 or hwrh29 i.e heworksreallyhard29 etc

2) Start with a Capital Letter & Include Numbers

A Sentence always starts with a capital letter, right? and when you are saying good bye to any stranger in the end, most probably you exchange phone numbers, right? Hope you got the idea. 

Always start your password with a capital letter and include any number in the end of your password. First 2 sentences will help you recall your password, in case you forget it in future. 

For Example:

3) Include Special Characters but Don't Overdo it

It is nice to use special characters in your password but don't overuse them, or it will be hard for you to memorize. Also it will eat up your time each time you will be entering your password.

4) Use Spaces

Spaces are a really great way to annoy hackers. Once I got infected by a keylogger, hacker could literally see my password. But still he was unable to login to my account, because I had used couple of spaces in my password, especially in start and the end which he did not realize (Such a dummy) :p

5) Keep them Irrelevant

Yes right, your password should not contain anything related to yourself. For example:
  • Don't use your Birth date
  • Avoid using your Mobile Number
  • Also no pet name.
  • Or Name of any of your siblings

Because above information must have been out already and someone use it to guess your password. We call it Social Engineering, where you guess someone's password to access their account.

Alright guys, hope you are able to create metallic passwords for your accounts and simultaneously won't face any problem memorizing them. 

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Image Credits go to Pixabay

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to Know MORE about your Computer?

You spend a lot of time in front of your computer. So what about finding out more about your computer?

Just follow the below Steps

Before following these steps, feel free to read this INSANELY USEFUL blog post

15 Shortcut Keys That Will Make Your Life 150% Easier

1) Open Start. You may do it by pressing Windows button on your keyboard.

2) Type cmd there.

3) Hit Enter. It will open the Command Prompt.

4) Type systeminfo there and hit enter. It will show almost everything about your computer.

It will tell you about your Operating System, Running time of your computer, Registered Owner, System Manufacturer and many other things. I am sure you won't be able to comprehend all that information in a single try :) 

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